Bridgit Noone

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Bridgit Noone

FM Grad Says Get Involved!


Getting yourself actively involved is what it’s all about. It is for Bridgit Noone anyway. Bridgit, a 2006 FM alumna, attended elementary schools in Caroga Lake, Amsterdam, and Chino Hills, California. She came back to Amsterdam where she attended Lynch Middle School and eventually graduated from Broadalbin-Perth High School. She wasn’t ready to leave home again so Bridgit chose to pursue a fine arts degree at FM.


“I am a creative thinker, have some artistic abilities and wanted to develop them,” said Bridgit. Signing up for a work-study job with Shirl Doherty, Coordinator of Student Activities, helped her with this development.


“In the two years I worked for Shirl, I learned so much,” she says. “My job was to make and distribute posters which helped me develop my artistic skills.” While working in Student Activities, Shirl encouraged Bridgit to become involved with the College’s Student Government Association (SGA) which she did. Bridgit served as SGA treasurer her freshman year and vice president her sophomore year. She also served as president of the Student Activities Board and was a member of the Art Guild.


“I loved the interactions I had will all of the faculty, staff, and students,” states Bridgit. “Through my work-study job, student government, and classes, I eventually got to know most of the campus community. I especially liked the relationships I developed with the faculty; Joel Chapin is one of the best art professors I’ve had and Alex Henderson wasn’t one of my teachers, but she always gave me good advice and helped me anyway she could. I think it’s good to build relationships with all kinds of people. You can learn a lot from people older than you; they’ve been there, done that.”


“I have so many good memories at FM,” says Bridgit. “I developed relationships with people whom I continue to keep in touch with. Now that I’m at a four-year school, I realize even more what a great school FM is.  Just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean your education is worth less.  Classes were much smaller and more relaxed. Students feel more comfortable and are not intimidated to ask questions. I never had a teacher at FM that I didn’t feel comfortable around.”


This fall, Bridgit transferred to SUNY Potsdam where she is going for a bachelor’s degree in fine arts. “The classes are larger here and it’s harder for the teachers to learn all of their students’ names,” says Bridgit.  “There is a lot less adult interaction here compared to FM.  My first two years at FM gave me the experience and confidence to move on in life and get involved.”


Her involvement at Potsdam includes membership with the Art Association and English Communication Students Organization. She also acted as a publicist for a student written play.


“I’ve found that finding a career goal is the most difficult decision in one’s life,” Bridgit tells us. “Once I make a decision, I have second thoughts and change my mind.” Becoming involved with student activities has helped her with decisions such as this.


“My advice to anyone looking to continue their education is to get involved. GET INVOLVED!” she exclaims. “Try something that you think will be challenging. Join a club, take an upper level class, test your strengths, join a sport. Don’t sit back and watch the years pass by. Life is great, appreciate it.”

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