• Each year more than 118,000 students from countries around the world choose New York State to pursue their education.
  • New York has more than 270 degree-granting universities and colleges.
  • Explore all NY has to offer, from New York city to it’s beautiful parks and wildlife in one of America’s most diverse states.
  • Get your career started here. Whether you’re seeking innovative career skills, cutting-edge research opportunities, a deeper understanding of the world, or customized academic pursuits, New York State offers you extraordinary educational opportunities.
  • Our website can help you find what you’re looking for to make the best possible choices for your future.

Informational Meetings for International Students
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ASK QUESTIONS:  Highly qualified professionals will discuss issues with International Students;

LEARN ABOUT PROGRAMS FOR INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS IN NEW YORK STATE: Experts will discuss undergraduate, graduate, and ESL programs, requirements, advantages, disadvantages, and other information to help you to decide the best way for YOU to pursue your goals.

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These two videos give you a good idea of New York, the places and the students who make it a wonderful place to study.  And many of the colleges and universities want to WELCOME YOU TO NEW YORK!!  So look at these and get set to have a wonderful experience — when you STUDY IN NEW YORK!!

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