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NCC, a campus of the State University of New York (SUNY), has one of the best teacher/student ratios in the state. Our academic standards are high, our facilities are first-class, and our faculty is among the most distinguished in New York higher education. New buildings are planned at NCC, adding superior classroom and laboratory space to a campus that already boasts modern facilities and picturesque historical architecture.

We offer more than 70 fields of study, including Business & Accounting; liberal arts and teacher education; Hospitality Business; Marketing, Retailing, Fashion Design & Interior Design; Computer and Engineering Technology; and Nursing and Allied Health Sciences and more.

Serving approximately 250 F-1 students each semester, Nassau Community College provides outstanding services for our international students. In addition to services, our international students enjoy a variety of planned cultural activities both on and off campus.


20,000 Total Enrollment
20,000 Undergraduate Enrollment
250 International Student Enrollment
48% Male
52% Female
1:20 Faculty-Student Ratio
600 Faculty: Full-Time
900 Faculty: Part-Time
60 Countries Represented

English as a Second Language Program and Services

Does your institution have an Intensive English Program?
Yes, Language Immersion at Nassau Community College (LINCC) is a non-credit intensive English as a Second Language program. It is designed for students who want to attend college, but who need to improve their English skills first. The program focuses on academic skills in order to prepare students for success in the college classroom environment. Students in LINCC study for 20-hours a week, in both the classroom and labs, for a 15-week semester. Classes are diverse. There are students in the program from more than 30 different countries. What is common for all of them is the goal of continuing on to college studies. LINCC has a professional and dedicated faculty, all of whom have a master’s degree and several years of teaching experience. LINCC is the place where a successful college career can begin.

Can your institution issue an I-20 Certificate of Eligibility for F-1 Student Status to a student who has been admitted only to the Intensive English Program?

Does your institution provide courses of English as a Second Language to admitted students?

Does your institution conditionally admit students to degree programs if they have not met the English proficiency requirement?
Yes.  All students are required to take a placement test before signing up for classes/program.  Students from non-English speaking countries will be initially accepted to LINCC (Intensive English Program) first.  Depending on the test results, students will be placed into an appropriate program such as LINCC (Intensive English Program), Pathway Program (Advanced ESL with College Courses) or a Degree program.

First Year, Transfer, and Graduate Students

New International Students

Financial Aid

Is financial aid available for international students?
Scholarships only, Students may apply for scholarships after establishing a grade point average.

Student Activities and Campus Life

Nassau offers a full range of student activities to supplement your academic experience with development outside of the classroom. At NCC, you can take advantage of more than 70 academic, cultural, religious, political and athletic clubs, activities and organizations. Join men’s or women’s sports teams that have gained national prominence and won national titles. Our College bookstore, food court and cafes make the campus at NCC a social environment, whether you’re looking to build a network of friends or contacts for the future.

We are also an integral part of Nassau County, providing community services like continuing education classes, special programs for business and more. No matter how you choose to advance your personal development, support is never hard to find. Whether you need to talk to a counselor or advisor, there is someone at NCC who can help.


Long Island

Nassau Community College (SUNY)


Ruth Calderon
International Education

Visa Information

Does your institution issue I-20 for F-1 visa status and/or DS-2019 for J-1 visa status?
I-20 only

Cost of Attendance & Financial Assistance

Fees: $10,204 per year (includes fall and spring semester)

Major Areas of Study

Arts and Humanities
Arts, Visual, and Performing
Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Clinical Nutrition
Communication and Journalism
Communications Technologies
Computer and Information Sciences
Education, Teaching ESL
Engineering Technologies
English Language and Literature
Health and Medicine
Health Sciences
Hospitality, Culinary Arts, and Hotel Management
Languages, Intensive English as Second Language
Languages, Literature, and Linguistics
Law and Legal Studies
Liberal Arts and Sciences, General Studies
Math and Statistics
Multi-/Interdisciplinary Studies
Nursing / Other Allied Medical
Philosophy and Religion
Physical Sciences
Public and Social Services
Science, Math, and Technology
Security and Protective Services/Criminal Justice
Social Sciences


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