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A college education is one investment that pays big dividends, and a degree from New York Institute of Technology (NYIT) offers students a competitive edge at an exceptional value. From NYIT’s campuses in New York to its programs around the world and online, students are able to customize their educational experience to meet their individual needs. NYIT’s dedicated, experienced faculty members help students prepare for the changing marketplace through hands-on learning experiences. They use the latest technologies in classrooms and labs to teach in more than 50 fields of study, including architecture and design, arts and sciences, education, engineering and computing sciences, health professions, management, and osteopathic medicine.

For nearly 60 years, NYIT has stayed true to its mission of providing qualified students with access to exceptional opportunities. It has delivered on this by offering students flexible schedules, 90 in-demand professional academic degree programs, and generous financial aid assistance.

NYIT’s strong academic reputation has attracted prominent guests and lecturers to augment the work of its distinguished faculty and researchers. Continuously upgraded facilities and ongoing deployment of advanced technology continue to meet the ever-changing needs of students, the marketplace, and the world.

Inspired Teaching
Faculty members at NYIT create an engaged community of learners and professionals who share a passion for practical education. They act as mentors to individual students while encouraging active learning and student teamwork. Professors at NYIT aren’t just instructors — they’re lifelong learners and experts in their fields who are also active outside of the classroom. They’re published professionals, expert speakers for their industries, and respected among their peers. They bring this knowledge to their courses and impart relevant, career-centered, and technologically-driven lessons that bring value beyond college.

Relevant Experience for a Rewarding Career
NYIT prepares students for rewarding careers and helps them realize their goals. That’s why 87 percent of graduates have jobs within six months of graduation.

An enhanced core curriculum is NYIT’s solution for addressing the skills that employers are looking for. It gives students skills in communications, literacy, critical and analytical thinking, an interdisciplinary mindset, ethical and civic engagement, a global perspective, and knowledge of the nature and process of arts and sciences. NYIT also gives students the chance to explore a future career through internships, community service, and events connecting students with employers and alumni. Students benefit from a rich campus life experience as well as leadership opportunities in clubs, organizations, campus-wide events, and intramural sports.

A Next Generation University
NYIT’s physical and digital presence continues to grow as it stays true to its mission and embraces opportunities and responsibilities in our increasingly smaller world. In fact, some of the most promising career opportunities for graduates require a global understanding and may even take them outside of the United States.

As a result, each of NYIT’s more than 12,000 students — hailing from nearly 50 states and 100 nations — are instilled with the capacity to engage the world. This includes bringing together students and professors from NYIT’s physical campuses in New York, Canada, China, and the United Arab Emirates into virtual classrooms, applying teaching techniques that enhance local and regional economies, and using technology to customize and enhance the NYIT experience for individual needs and cultures.

Students at NYIT’s campuses have many opportunities to study abroad and see the world firsthand. In the past few years, NYIT students have traveled to China, Costa Rica, Italy, Ecuador, France, India, Haiti, and other countries to study architecture, redesign landscapes, produce film documentaries, provide medical services, and participate in global business simulations. In addition, NYIT encourages students and faculty members at one campus to study at another NYIT campus outside their home countries.

NYIT’s commitment to interdisciplinary study and research gives students opportunities to collaborate on projects that span different fields of study. Recently, a group of students studying architecture, engineering, and management developed an award-winning business plan: an NYIT faculty-student research collaboration to create a system that up-cycles water bottles to form the shingles of a roof for shelters in disaster-stricken or developing nations.

Another cross-disciplinary project includes interior design and health professions students working together to develop furnishings to enhance quality of life for those with physical impairments.

A Virtual Blend
NYIT’s blend of traditional and online coursework allows students to customize an educational environment to best suit their learning styles and schedules. A forerunner in online education, NYIT has been offering this option to students since the 1980s. Today, NYIT’s online course content includes dynamic videos, demonstrations, simulations, and other rich media. In addition, the community-oriented online learning environment ensures that digital students are always connected with classmates and professors. This type of flexibility is critical today, when personal responsibilities, work schedules, and other commitments make it difficult to attend classes — and it gives students the freedom to tailor their education.

Success Starts at NYIT
NYIT has successfully created an educational environment that works across global and digital boundaries. The “anywhere, anytime” advantage of an NYIT education provides students around the world with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed, regardless of their physical location. As the 21st-century provides new opportunities for a global marketplace, NYIT offers new avenues of success for students ready to embrace tomorrow’s professions.


12,000 Total Enrollment
6,100 Undergraduate Enrollment
3,500 Graduate Enrollment
Undergraduate 379, Graduate 1,751 (for the Fall 2014 semester) International Student Enrollment
58% Male
42% Female
11:1 Faculty-Student Ratio
292 Faculty: Full-Time
960 Faculty: Part-Time
85 Countries Represented
Top 5 India, China, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, France

English as a Second Language Program and Services

The English Language Institute (ELI) offers a highly competitive program in English as a second language, and is designed to prepare students for both academic and professional careers.  ELI offers basic English classes for beginning learners, as well as classes for beginner, intermediate, and advanced learners of English for academic purposes. All classes are non-credit courses in reading, writing, listening comprehension, speaking, and American culture.  Placement into one of these levels is determined by a student’s scores on various English placement exams (TOEFL, IELTS, or ACT Compass).  A student’s continued placement within the program is based on successful completion of the various levels.  All classes are small, ensuring that each student receives individual attention.  ELI courses run for 15 weeks in the fall and spring and eight weeks in the summer.

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International Student Housing Options

NYIT-Manhattan has three residence halls located a short distance from campus. Students travel to campus by subway, bus, or cab. In some cases, students may be able to walk. Our three residence halls are:

  • Riverside Hall, 350 West 88th Street
  • 20th Street Residence, 300 West 20th Street and 8th Avenue
  • Anderson Hall at the Manhattan School of Music, 134 Claremont Avenue, near Broadway and 122nd Street

NYIT-Old Westbury residence halls are located on the SUNY Old Westbury campus, which is a 15-20 minute bus ride from NYIT’s campus. NYIT provides shuttle buses that run throughout the day to and from the residence halls.

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Manhattan Campus: or
Old Westbury Campus: or 1.516.686.1402

Collaborative Programs

NYIT offers two types of degree programs overseas.

NYIT Degree (All courses are NYIT and are taught by NYIT faculty)

  • NYIT-Vancouver (M.B.A. and M.S. in Information, Network, and Computer Security)
  • NYIT-Abu Dhabi (B.F.A. in Interior Design, B.S. in Business Administration, M.B.A., M.S. in Instructional Technology, and M.S. in Information, Network, and Computer Security)
  • NYIT/JUFE (M.B.A.) Courses are taught to cohorts in Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shanghai.
  • NYIT/CUC (M.F.A. in Computer Graphics) Courses are taught in Beijing.

Dual Degrees (NYIT degree and degree/certificate from home institution)

  • NYIT-Nanjing/NUPT (4 undergraduate majors)
  • NYIT/Tongji University (NYIT School of Management)
  • NYIT/EFAP – École de communication
  • NYIT/ECV – École de communication
  • NYIT/FEI (Brazil, NYIT School of Management, NYIT School of Engineering and Computing Sciences)
  • NYIT/IFIM (India, NYIT School of Management)
  • NYIT/Tsinghua University (NYIT School of Management)
  • NYIT/Jinan University (NYIT School of Management)
  • NYIT/Renmin University of China (NYIT School of Management)
  • NYIT/Xiamen University (NYIT School of Management)
  • NYIT/Shandong Institute of Business and Technology

First Year, Transfer, and Graduate Students

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International Admissions, click here.

Financial Aid

NYIT offers academic scholarships to undergraduate and graduate students each academic year. NYIT offers up to $16,000 for first-year students, $15,000 for transfer students, and $3,000 for graduate students.

Student Activities and Campus Life

NYIT-Manhattan is located in the heart of New York City. The campus is comprised of five buildings and is within walking distance of Lincoln Center and Central Park, easily accessible via subway and bus, and close to the city’s best concert halls, theaters, museums, libraries, and restaurants.

NYIT-Old Westbury is nestled among wooded and landscaped areas, offering a quiet rural setting about 53 kilometers outside of New York City. Classroom buildings are connected by walkways through woods and meadows. NYIT offers Division I and II athletic teams at this campus.

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Long Island

New York Institute of Technology


Kristof Zaba
Director of Global and International Admissions

Nadia Agarrat
Associate Director, Global Recruitment and Exchange

Visa Information

NYIT issues Form I-20s for students seeking F-1 visas, and it issues DS-2019s for students and exchange visitors seeking J-1 visas.

Cost of Attendance & Financial Assistance

Undergraduate Tuition: $31,050 per academic year
Graduate Tuition: $1,100 per credit

Click here for a complete list of tuition and fees.

Major Areas of Study

Architecture and Planning
Arts and Humanities
Arts, Visual, and Performing
Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Clinical Nutrition
Communication and Journalism
Communications Technologies
Computer and Information Sciences
Counseling and Social Work
Engineering Technologies
English Language and Literature
Health and Medicine
Health Sciences
Languages, Intensive English as Second Language
Law and Legal Studies
Nursing / Other Allied Medical
Public and Social Services
Rehabilitation and Therapy
Science, Math, and Technology
Security and Protective Services/Criminal Justice
Social Sciences
Sports Medicine


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