Study New York Photo and Video Contest Winners Announced

Winners of the annual Study New York Photo and Video Contest were announced on May 3, 2023.  International students attending Study New York member schools submitted over 50 photos and videos showcasing the beauty and benefits of studying in New York.

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The winners are:

What I Love About Studying in New York

A Student from Germany studying at St. Francis College

Studying in New York was a long-time dream of mine so I eventually decided to apply to St. Francis College in Brooklyn. In addition to the excitement, I also had some concerns because of my physical limitations. My worries about the college were completely unjustified; I could move around barrier-free everywhere without any problems, which was something I had never experienced before.
St. Francis College was definitely the right decision: I was able to study without being reduced to or limited by my disability. I learned an incredible amount. I met a lot of great people for whom literally no way was too far. The photo shows me and a friend in front of the Metropolitan Museum – with a wheelchair, it’s not uncommon that it takes at least two hours to get there from Brooklyn. But even those two hours fly by quickly when you spend them with the right people!



NY Winter Wonderland

A Student from India studying at Touro University

My photo indicates my love for sunrises. It tells us how beautiful the sky looks during this time of the day and how we all should stop running in our busy lives and take a while to stop and admire the beautiful sky. It tells me no matter how difficult the day is there will always be a new morning to take a fresh start.




A student from Turkmenistan studying at Touro University

Video –



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