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The 2018 Annual Membership Meeting of Study New York was held at the Culinary Institute of America, on June 11, 2018. Representatives from over 30-member schools were in attendance for a full day of lively discussion and speakers. After updates to the status of the organization, a roundtable on recruitment agents was held, followed by an excellent presentation on current trends in Visa approvals and denials.

The roundtable, led by Nichole Barbe of NYIT and Judy Bishop of SUNY New Paltz, presented the opportunity for schools to share their experiences of working with recruitment agents, and the advantages/disadvantages that come with them. The best ways to work with agents and how to determine an agent’s validity were topics of discussion.

The trends in Visa approvals and denials presentation was facilitated by Corry Spring of Rockland Community College and featured two guest speakers Ramin Asgard President of Visa Prep Pro and Alex Lee, of Uhak Academy, a recruiting agency in Korea. After a summary of the current status of Visa trends, a Q&A session was held that gave members a great opportunity to ask and hear from experts in the field on the current Visa process.