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Since 1860, New York Medical College (NYMC) has trained generations of students from all over the world to deliver skilled and compassionate medical care, explore the basic science questions that lead to important discoveries, and provide leadership in the field of public health and essential services to people with specialized care needs.

The School of Medicine, Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences, and School of Health Sciences and Practice, the Touro College of Dental Medicine at NYMC, and the Touro College School of Health Sciences’ nursing program at New York Medical College – all on the Valhalla campus in Westchester County, New York, provides a large catchment area that enables our students to treat and work with culturally and economically diverse populations, and pursue a wide range of career, residency and internship opportunities. Our affiliate hospitals are some of the finest in the tri-state area, and our faculty is unsurpassed in their dedication and skill.

New York Medical College –School of Medicine

Talented. Committed. Humanistic. Diverse. These essential characteristics describe the School of Medicine student body. Yet while we seek to attract students like these, students with these qualities also choose New York Medical College because of the excellent education and clinical experience opportunities we provide and our emphasis on delivering compassionate care and making a difference in people’s lives.

The School of Medicine truly reflects New York Medical College’s mission statement, which states that “the rich diversity of its student body and faculty is important to… educating outstanding health care professionals for the multicultural world of the 21st century.” Our students come from across the U.S., representing a broad range of racial, ethnic, cultural, economic and educational backgrounds. Underrepresented minorities comprise approximately 20% of our student body.  Established by a group of civic leaders focused on training doctors to provide compassionate – as well as competent – medical care, the School of Medicine has grown in size and reputation. Today we enroll more than 800 students, employ a faculty of 2,800 and offer four degrees: M.D., M.D./M.P.H. and M.D./Ph.D.

The Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences

GSBMS is the home of groundbreaking medical research and programs for students and working professionals that advance careers in medicine and the health sciences.

Established in the 1960s, the Graduate School of Basic Medical Sciences offers a range of M.S. and Ph.D. programs in biochemistry and molecular biology, cell biology, microbiology and immunology, pathology, pharmacology, and physiology. We also offer a one-year Accelerated and a two-year Interdisciplinary Master’s Program in Basic Medical Sciences for those interested in pursuing medical/health professional school. With 97 experienced faculty members providing expert instruction, insightful mentorship and scientific research opportunities to 130 talented students, the Graduate School advances knowledge and produces skilled professionals who impact the medical field in myriad ways.

We offer exceptional facilities for a school of our size; small classes and individual, hands-on mentorship opportunities and research training enable our students to gain the skills they need to succeed in a competitive marketplace. Our partnership with NYMC’s School of Medicine, with which we share faculty, ensures a broad, interdisciplinary approach to medical research and its clinical and translational applications.

From NIH-funded investigations, to developing a new diagnostic test, to staying ahead of next year’s influenza strain by producing a life-saving vaccine, groundbreaking research happens in our laboratories every day. We invite you to learn more about our offerings and the many ways we can help you achieve your career goals.

School of Health Sciences & Practice 

Conferring degrees in public health, speech-language pathology and physical therapy, SHSP seeks solutions to health care challenges facing neighborhoods, regions and the world. We have a proud tradition of preparing health professionals to help communities as well as individuals by improving health and quality of life.  Throughout our various professional programs, we are committed to the social and environmental determinants of health and disease and special concern for the under served.

Our public health programs are accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH), and feature online and late afternoon and evening on-campus classes to match the busy schedules of working professionals. We also offer a wide variety of Graduate Advanced Certificate programs, many of which can be completed online.

Our full-time weekday professional programs, in physical therapy and speech-language pathology, add a community-oriented perspective that does not occur in most other teaching settings. Service-based learning activities integrate health sciences and public health practice with the clinical arts.

NYMC is located on a 565-acre suburban campus shared with Westchester Medical Center, 15 miles outside of the New York City limits.

NYMC is distinguished by its inclusive and humanistic approach to education. Historically, we were ahead of our time in admitting and graduating women and students of color. Having joined the Touro College and University System in 2011, we are enjoying a new era of growth, diversity and opportunity, illustrated by recent innovations such as our Clinical Skills and Simulation Center, Biotechnology Incubator and impressive growth in applications and fundraising. After 159 years, NYMC is stronger than ever – excellent news for our students and the populations they serve.


Medical School

Biomedical Science Master’s and PhD Programs

Public Health Graduate/Advanced Certificates, Master’s and PhD Programs,

Physical Therapy Doctoral Program

Speech Language Pathology Program



1,556 Total Enrollment
1,556 Graduate Enrollment
119 International Student Enrollment
38% Male
62% Female
2:1 Faculty-Student Ratio
1,178 Faculty: Full-Time
480 Faculty: Part-Time
14 Countries Represented
Top 5 India, Nigeria, China, Canada, Saudi Arabia
Other DIVERSITY 46% White 22% Asian 10% Black 10% Hispanic <1% American Indian/Native Hawaiian 12% Other/Not Specified CAMPUS SIZE: 54 Acres

International Student Housing Options

NYMC offers a variety of on- and off-campus housing. On-campus shared housing is available for most international students. All students who are enrolled full-time at New York Medical College are eligible to live in Student Housing. Each school has its own criteria for eligibility. Housing is not guaranteed, and we have a certain number of bed spaces allocated to each program.

We believe that how you perform as an NYMC student has a lot to do with where and how you live. We are committed to providing a residential community that is more than just buildings and rooms. We want every student to truly feel part of a community of like-minded peers who live together comfortably, safely and with respect for each other. Supported by a healthy and enjoyable living environment, students have the stability they need to be their best. The Office of Student and Residential Life provides a range of housing options for full-time, matriculated medical and graduate students. We strive to be responsive to individual student’s needs and are available to address any issues at any time—whether school is in session or not.

See our website for details, panoramic photos, rates and more!–residential-life/

Collaborative Programs

Medical School:

Limited opportunities are available for international students attending medical schools outside the United States and Canada to do clinical electives at New York Medical College.

The College has student exchange programs with four foreign medical schools:  Tokai University School of Medicine in Japan, the Catholic University of Korea in Seoul, Semmelweis University in Hungary, and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology.  Under exchange agreements with these schools, full-time students in good standing may be accepted for one or more electives at the College.  Electives may not exceed 12 weeks under any circumstances. Please see our website for more details. International Exchange Program

First Year, Transfer, and Graduate Students

New York Medical College offers only Graduate level programs. All applicants must have completed their bachelor level degree and must submit proof of completion of their programs for consideration of admittance to any of our programs. Requirements vary by School. Please see these web pages for further details:

International Applicants:–financial-aid/admission-requirements/international-applicants/

Student Activities and Campus Life

Student life at NYMC comprises a rich mix of experiences based on our location, our culture and our offerings. We offer a wide range of opportunities to be involved with the local community, join a broad range of student organizations and participate in campus and local events, as well as live comfortably, dine well, stay fit and most of all, have fun. We encourage you to be involved in as many activities as possible – be they social, recreational, religious/spiritual or athletic – as they complement your academic experiences and help to ease stress.

Cultural Organizations

The Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association at New York Medical College is dedicated to raising awareness of our rich, multifaceted heritage and the health problems and diseases that plague our communities. Our upcoming events this year include: APAMSA Culture Show: each year hundreds of students, faculty, and guests attend our largest event of the year to watch YOU, our talented student body, showcasing everything from cultural acts, skits, comedy videos Multiple Hepatitis B screenings and Bone marrow drives to raise awareness in the API community Mentoring program with middle school/high school age kids Diversity Day: day long cultural exploration and workshops and much much more! Come out and get involved!

CSSA welcomes all Chinese students, scholars, stuffs and anyone who is interested. Our goal is to provide a warm home for the Chinese community in studying/working at NYMC, and serve as a hub for the entire NYMC community to share and communicate Chinese cultures. CSSA, serving for entire NYMC community, is established to provide multiple functions: 1. Introduce NYMC and CSSA to new Chinese students, scholars and staffs, provide consult and help for their questions and needs in life and study. 2. Organize routing meetings to provide opportunities for the current club members to share experiences and promote communications. 3. Organize events, majorly around Chinese traditional festivals, to introduce and propagate Chinese cultures to entire NYMC community. 4. Assist university faculty and staff in questions regarding Chinese language, society and culture.

Our mission is to develop an environment at NYMC that caters to the unique needs of underrepresented minority students at the medical school to better facilitate their academic and social success. Purpose: Our purpose is to provide students in the younger classes with an experienced mentor that understands their unique challenges, who can serve as a source of guidance and support when encountering the challenges posed by a career in medicine. Goals: Our goal is to ensure that each underrepresented minority student has the resources, information, and community support needed to take on the challenges of medical school and to address the particular obstacles unique to those of the minority community.

What we’re about: An organization including members from all national and cultural origins. Some of its goals include: academic and social support for members, further development of leadership skills, education and sensitization of non-Latino students to the needs of the Latino community, community involvement to help educate and strengthen the local Latino community.

The South Asian Medical Students Association of NYMC provides a great opportunity for students to get involved in non-academic activities in a fun and meaningful way. The main event of the year is the annual Culture Show co-hosted by SAMSA and APAMSA, the biggest performance event held for the NYMC community. The Culture Show consists of a variety of acts and performances (not just Asian-themed!) to showcase the talent of our medical school. By becoming involved in SAMSA, students have the opportunity to become part of the team to put on this great show, as well as host and organize various events throughout the year aimed at celebrating South Asian culture.


Hudson Valley

New York Medical College


Elizabeth Ward
International Student and Scholar Advisor

Application Deadlines

Application Deadlines vary by school and program.

See our website for details

Visa Information

Student Visas (I-20)

Student visas are issued by the International Student and Scholar Advisor. The visa is not issued until after the applicant has submitted all necessary documentation, and has been admitted into a program.

J-1 Visas

NYMC/WMC will sponsor J-1 Visas.

Cost of Attendance & Financial Assistance

Tuition, Fees and other expenses vary according to which school and which program you are attending. Please see our website for details on specific school/program. Office of Student Financial Planning – Budgets and Tuition

Major Areas of Study

Biological and Biomedical Sciences
Health and Medicine
Health Sciences
Medicine (General)
Public Health
Rehabilitation and Therapy
Science, Math, and Technology


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