The 2020-21 Study New York Photo Contest is underway.  International students enrolled at any of our member campuses can submit entries focused on what it’s like studying in New York and have the potential to win a $100 Amazon gift card.

The Deadline for submitting entries is April 25, 2021.  More information is available here: Study New York 2021 Photo Contest.

Here’s a highlight of one of our previous Study New York Photo Contest winners.

2019 “Why I Love Studying in New York” Photo Contest
Category: Culture
Winner: Barry Zhang
Home country: China
Attending: St. John’s University

“This photo was taken by the photographer during March 16th, 2019 NYC St Patrick’s Day Parade. This photo is a perfect representation of New York City’s multicultural tolerance. No matter where you are from, you can learn about the cultures of the different clans and enjoy the festivals that celebrate them.”

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